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August 29-30, 2015












    Strikers FC South Coast is proud to announce the addition of Riki Simic as Director of Coaching;  as well as official affiliation with AIK FF of Sweden.

  • Jurgen Klinsmann Building Up U.S. Youth Soccer Since 2012
    Jurgen Klinsmann Building Up U.S. Youth Soccer Since 2012

    U.S. Men's National Team head coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, spoke at the 2012 US Youth Soccer Workshop. Klinsmann brings a unique perspective to evaluating the American soccer landscape.

  • 2015 Lennart Johansson Trophy Team List Published
    2015 Lennart Johansson Trophy Team List Published

    We are so proud that our 2001 girls are only team accepted from the United States.


    Girls 2001's Receive invitation to 2015 Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy 2015

    Jan 27 2015 - Marissa Pena
    Strikers FC-South Coast is very proud to announce that we will soon be hosting our open tryouts for the League Season 2015-2016.  We are especially directing this message to all of those parents and players who have emailed us regarding this possibility. Due to an overwhelming amount of emails regarding tryouts for our Club, we have decided that the best way to handle these requests, would be to announce on our website when and where the tryouts would take place.  So please stay tuned on our website for our upcoming schedule of tryouts, which more likely will take place in the month of March in our beloved city of Huntington Beach, California!
    Also note that at the moment, we are designating coaches for different age groups and will respond to you on an individual basis once our Directors of Coaching deem it possible.
    We look forward to all the new faces and the continued development of our Teams and Legacy!!
    All the Best,
    Marissa Pena
    Strikers FC-South Coast
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    Wonderful Broughshane - See you soon!
    Aug 18 2014 - Marissa Pena
    It seems like only yesterday that FC Bayern, USA first participated in the 2007, Milk Cup in N. Ireland.  A year later, our Club had its first major merger with South Coast, thus becoming South CoastBayern and so beginning our legend.  One more big merger with the Irvine Strikers in 2011 through 2013/14 and we showed up with our new colors and our new flag, at this most prestigious and coveted International Tournament.  This past year, 2014, we have undergone yet another important change in our Club and therefore left our last generation of South Coast Strikers in the hands of their Academy administration to do as they may with this group, therefore not participating this year at our now familiar and traditional Milk Cup.  But nevertheless, preparing and gearing up for a another new beginning and a new chapter in our Club Life; with bigger and better plans for the future and with more experience for the present.
    Through all of this so many people have supported us.  So many Tournament Committees from around the world have kept their faith in us.  There has been so much support from the people of N. Ireland, from the Milk Cup Committee, from our dear friends and colleagues, and above all, from one town in particular, Broughshane!  This town led by then Mayor, Sandy Wilson, and his family and councilmen of believers in family, community principles and values, saw in us what we work so desperately and uncompromisingly to achieve, making better human beings for tomorrow!  We do it through soccer and through providing real possibilities at home and through international bridges that can lead to world tolerance and cooperation, by the very exposure to other countries and their people.  We put first and foremost through our competitive nature, the universal values that can and will link all of humanity.  Through all of our metamorphoses, victories and challenges, Broughshane, Sandy, Lorna, Tanya, Pamela, and our very own, beautiful Cheer Team and all of the good people of Broughshane, you have embraced us wholeheartedly no matter what name we played under, recognizing our heart and soul as those who came with a purpose to create a life long relationship.
    We are so proud of your new welcome feature as you drive into Broughshane.  We know what it represents to your whole town, or village, as you call it.  And we look forward to driving through the new sign, which embraces all of our beliefs, and which proves that soccer done right is more than just a sport. It is a life-long value system which can be and should be for the service of humanity.

    We share a common vision, and a common mission!  We love you and will see you next year, God Willing!
    Yours Truly,
    Marissa Pena
    South Coast, USA
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    UEFA - Cordial Cup - Austria - Daily Journal Day 7
    Jun 09 2014 - Elizabeth Moos

    Sunday, June 8, 2014




    As the sun crested the Tirolian mountains this morning, tension was already building for the final day of the Cordial Cup.  The eight remaining girls teams vying for “The Cup” knew that the day would require skill, focus, teammanship, and endurance.


    The Strikers FC quarter-final match against Verb. Ostschewiez began late in the morning under the relentless heat from the Austrian sun. Team USA struck first by a brilliant strike from Katie Gath from the right side of the pitch, but within minutes was quickly equalized by the stubborn Swiss team. The game ended in a 1-1 tie, making penalty kicks from each team eminent. The Swiss were up first and had their initial volley blocked by Strikers FC keeper, Rachel Harris. Unfortunately, Team USA could not convert on their first two PK shots and found themselves down 1-0 going into the final PK round.  Another huge block by Rachel kept the Strikers in the game with one final PK shot left.  Calm and collected, Mickey Buscaino punched the final ball wide right out of the keeper’s reach to equalize the PK score at 1-1.  Another huge block by Rachel and a game winning PK from Jenn Rose sealed the victory for the USA team and sent them onto the semi-finals.


    With no relief from the blazing sun, Team USA took the field at Hopfgarten against the dreaded and annoying French Olympique Lyon team.  The French team scored early and carried their 1-0 lead deep into the second half.  As the French Lyon team stalled for time, the USA team kept pressing the pace of play, looking for the equalizer.  Time was short, and with less than a minute to play, Abby Bivens drilled a shot off the left post but just not good enough to find the net. The ball rebounded and was shot again by Jenn Rose, but again was denied the net by the French goalkeeper. However a strong follow by Alexa Wagner allowed her to quickly punch the blocked ball off the keepers hands into the net with only seconds remaining.  Like the first one of the day, the game would end in a tie and PK’s again were eminent.

    For this round of PK’s, however, the USA team was ready. The first two PK shots from the Strikers team immediately found the net, followed by two blocks from Rachel Harris, rewarding the Strikers FC team with their second victory of the day and headed into the Girls U15 finals.


    The scene in the stadium in Soll, Austria for the Cordial Cup finals was electrifying.  With the Austrian Alps as the backdrop and 5,000 plus fans cheering on, the Strikers FC took the pitch against the TSG Hoffenheim team from Germany who had just knocked off last year’s champions to also reach the girls U15 finals.  As the game began, exhaustion and heat were clearly going to be a game factor.  The Austrian Fire Brigade was providing relief to fans by spraying water into the air from a long fire hose. Unfortunately, for the German and USA team, relief from the heat would only come after an intense battle on the stadium pitch. The game played for the full duration to a scoreless 0-0 tie.  Even though there was no score in regulation, the crowd was not disappointed. Great passing and excellent defense skill sent the Strikers FC team into their 3rd game of the day that would end with PK’s and decide the champion of the Cordial Cup.


    First up for PK’s was Mickey Buscaino, who rolled the ball nicely into the right side of the net against the extremely tall Hoffenheim goalie.  The Germans responded by making their PK, leaving the PK score at 1-1 after the first round.  A miss by the USA team left the door open for the Germans to take the advantage, but a huge block by Rachel Harris kept the PK score at 1-1 after two rounds.  On the third and final round, without hesitation, Emma Nichols defied the German keeper’s height, and rocketed the ball into the left upper corner of the net, leaving the Germans with one final shot to try and equalize the PK score. However, an amazing block by Rachel denied the Germans the equalizer, and Team USA won the Cordial Cup by a final score of 2-1.


    After the victory celebration on the field and conclusion of the boys U15 Finals games in Soll, Austria, closing ceremonies took place on the field.  Rachel Harris was awarded the Best Keeper of the tournament  for the girls U15 with an amazing 7 blocks from 10 PK’s taken in the final day of play.  The Strikers FC team was presented with the Cordial Cup trophy and was granted automatic entry into the Cordial Cup for 2015 as the reigning Cordial Cup Girls U15 champions.

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    UEFA - Cordial Cup - Austria - Daily Journal Day 6
    Jun 08 2014 - Dale Buscaino

    Saturday, June 7, 2014


    The Action Begins!

    It was a sun soaked Saturday in the Tirolian mountains, rivaling even the best weather in the OC.  By the first Strikers FC match of the day, the mercury was well into 80's making it a day that required good hydration and an even pace of play.

    With four pool play matches slated for the day, the Strikers FC took the pitch in the first game against the German Karlsruher SC team.  The Striker girls appeared tentative as they adjusted to the 25 minute match play format for Cordial Cup. Within minutes, the Strikers were back on their game, out-shooting their opponents 9-4 on shots on goal and dominating the field of play. However, in the end, neither team could find the back of the net with the game ending in a Nil-Nil tie.

    The Strikers found their rhythm against the Swiss in game 2 with a 2-0 shutout against the FC Blue Stars of Zurich.  A long strike from 25 yards out by Bryanna Avina in the 5th minute put the Strikers FC on the board.  Three minutes later, an enormous punt from keeper Rachel Harris led to a one bounce score from Madison Louderback putting the game safely away for the Striker girls. The Strikers defense for the day was also outstanding.  The crux of the defense consisting of Emma Nichols, Abby Bivens, Hannah Cardenas, Alex Saldana, and Alexa Wagner smothered the opponents offense, allowing not a single goal in all four pool play games.

    Game three was against the Austrian home country team, Puntigamer Sturm Graz. Before the crowd had time to settle in and get comfortable, Katie Gath struck from the right side outside the 18 with a solid shot past the Austrian goalie.  With the assist from Jenn Rose, the Strikers were quickly on top 1-0.  But Katie Gath wasn't done yet. Roughly six minutes later with a precise pass from Madison Kline into the right side, Katie drilled a shot towards the far post for her second goal of the game. The 2-0 score was enough to seal the second victory of the day for the USA Strikers team.

    Fatigue became a factor in game 4 as the temperature peeked at 85 degrees in the Austrian alps.  The Striker girls where pitted against a very well respected FC Nurnberg team from Germany who knew very well that the outcome of this game would decide the winner of their bracket.  It was a must win for the Germans if they wanted to clinch the top seed going into elimination play on Sunday.  Good solid play from both sides prevailed, and in the end, the game ended in a 0-0 tie, awarding the Strikers FC first place in their bracket as they head to the quarter finals on Sunday.

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    UEFA - Cordial Cup - Austria - Daily Journal Day 5
    Jun 06 2014 - Elizabeth Moos

    Friday, June 6, 2014

    Opening Ceremonies - Unforgettable Day


    One more day until the tournament begins and as the start of the games draw near, the excitement amongst the girls and the town is getting stronger by the minute.  More teams are arriving to our hotel.  We met up with a young South African boys team from Johannesburg today.  They are a U11 boys team and immediately connected with our beautiful South Coast Striker girls.  We all headed out together by bus to a nearby gondola which we rode to the top of the Alps.  There we shared a the breathtaking view of the surrounding Alps and the beautiful valley below us.  The mountains were so green and many parts were filled with beautiful yellow and violet flowers.  Suddenly we heard church bells and it was as if we were transplanted into a scene from The Sound of Music.  

    We returned to the hotel for a fish and risotto dinner, changed into our USA gear and headed into town for opening ceremonies.  Much to our surprise, Marissa Peña, had arranged for our girls to be interviewed by the local news.  We thought that was the highlight of the night but it was merely the beginning.  We had no idea what was waiting for us at opening ceremonies.  The streets were filled with players from all around the world.  Our girls were taking photos with teams from Germany, Hungary, France, Italy and the list goes on.  The teams paraded down cobblestone streets chanting their team songs, while our girls sang out as loud as they could "there's only one USA".  Locals hung out of their windows chanting "USA, USA"!  It was an amazing experience, one I'm sure the girls will never forget.  (view slide show of parade here:) Nor will they forget their 2.5 mile walk back to the hotel along the trail.  


    Once we all returned safely back to the hotel it was lights out.  Games begin tomorrow and  the competition is fierce.

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